I'm Rebecca Wood (but you can call me Bec)
& Here's What I Teach...

What to do when a client shows you 4 different photos of balayage/foils/root shadows and freehand techniques at their consultation appointment...

Modern Day Hair Terminology
Blonde + Balayage Hair Education
Low Maintenance / Dimensional Balayage Techniques
Classic Foiling Patterns 
All Things Zone Toning
Root Taps + Root Shadows
In Person Hair Education Workshops
Basic Colour Correcting Strategies 
Colour Melt Techniques
Highlights + Lowlights 
Client Focused Care + Pricing Strategies
Retail Sales Strategies
(that AREN'T awkward)
Rebooking + Client Retention Strategies
Basic Social Media Techniques 

  • About Me (The Fun Part + The Serious Part)

    I've been rocking the hair scene since FOREVER.
    (I swear, I'm older than I look... but who's counting, right?)

    In addition to this, the eternal "girlfriend" title has been mine for YEARS - seriously, where's that ring?

    The Rolling Stones are my forever love, Lady Gaga is my kindred spirit, and don't even get me started on trying to make zebra print a thing. I mean, leopard is timeless, right?

    So, there you have it - everything that makes me the beautiful, wonderful, funny and quirky personality that my education clients know and love.

    (The Serious Part)

    In my early industry days, I got lucky! My young boss's commitment to providing me with diverse education opportunities set the stage for my future roles as a salon owner, colour educator, freelancer, cancer survivor, and, most recently, an independent education company founder.

    Believe it or not, my transition to business ownership was born out of necessity, as I found myself navigating life as a single mother with very limited resources back in 2009.

    This led me to turning my mother's kitchen into a makeshift salon (sorry mum). After a year of providing unique and quickly sought-after colour services, I FINALLY opened my first big girl salon with a bold spirit and great outfit.

  • Now, let's get into the "nitty gritty" details of my educational journey...

    My passion for education grew in 2020 when I identified gaps in the industry's learning landscape.

    Recognising the challenges of travel, lack of rural education, and evolving business ethics, I launched my independent education company, focusing on personalised, grassroots-level training that fosters a supportive learning environment.

    My core values emphasise being an educator who connects with the "grassroots level", offering relief to time-poor salon owners, and infusing my sessions with laughter, kindness, a whole lot of zebra print, and love (obviously).

    So... What's Coming Up?
    I'm glad you asked!

    My upcoming plans include expanding my education tours across Victoria and Tasmania, organising more speaking events, launching a podcast (eeek, fingers crossed for this one), going on some much needed overseas adventures with my family, and executing a long-awaited, much needed hair shoot.

    With an overflowing diary of dreams, goals and to-do's, I'm ready to shake things up and leave my mark on the hair industry.

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